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Welcome to the fourth industrial revolution, everything is going digital. A lot of things have changed. They way we learn, the way we communicate, the way we shop, the way we think. And like with all revolutions there will be those who thrive and those who don't. You want to be in the former category, and we're going to help you get there by making sure your business operates on the right side of the digital divide.

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We are witnessing a paradigm shift. Once upon a time, if you asked a successful businessman what is the most important aspect of running a business, he would say, "Location, location, location." It was the convenience stores by the gas station, the beauty shop in the mall, the ice-cream stand by the beach. It was the tutoring flyers on a college campus, the detergent on TV, the tyre ads on the radio. Today the malls are empty, campus is online, and in the age of bluetooth and podcasts, do people still even listen to the radio?

Is the mantra "Location, location" dead? We're here to tell you that today those words ring truer than ever. While the malls and roads see less traffic, the web is busier than ever. So let us help you move to your next location. BusiWeb is here to put your business on the web.

Frequently Asked Questions

BusiWeb is the best web development agency based in Pretoria, South Africa. We are comprised of a micro team employing web developers, designers and engineers.

We specialize in designing business websites. Like other web development companies we offer our clients a multitude of services including: Web Engineering, Digital Marketing, Cloud Migration, etc.

We currently offer 3 packages for website. Landing Pages, Websites, and Ecommerce & Web Apps. The cheapest package are our Landing Pages, which start at R2 000 and our most expensive package, Ecommerce & Web Apps, start at R10 000

Because we prioritise quality and performance, we do not rely on website builders to construct our website. As a result, web development can have a lead time of anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months depending on the project.

Costs can vary greatly depending on project scope. The most important part of maintenance is keeping the data on the website up to date. For more static websites, renewing your yearly domain name registration, ensuring your servers are scaling to match web traffic and updating your security certificates are the most crucial parts of maintaining your website.

Larger projects may make use of databases and require server side scripting that requires more manpower in keeping updated and reliable, but your average SME will likely be find themselves spending (R200 - R300) per month on maintenance alone.

BusiWeb offers developers on retainer who charge a monthly fee to continue to develop, maintain and update your website with new feature requests. Contact sales for more information regarding our retainers.